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Cengage Learning Technology Solutions

Cengage Learning has a suite of online tools designed to connect students to assignable and required content. Our interactive learning solutions save instructors time and help students focus on what they need to learn.

With a focus on concept mastery and automatic grading, these easy-to-use digital resources are designed to help improve academic performance.
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LMS Integration 

You can easily set your course with seamless access to our premier learning solutions from your LMS.

 - Get students up and running faster with a simplified registration experience.

 - Customize your course with deep links to learning activities that elevate thinking and improve outcomes.

 - Ensure that results of graded activities flow effortlessly into your LMS gradebook.

For more information on our digital solutions with LMS integration please talk to your Cengage Learning representative.

MindTap is a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built upon authoritative Cengage Learning content. By combining readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a singular Learning Path, MindTap guides students through their course with ease and engagement. Instructors personalize the Learning Path by customizing Cengage Learning resources and adding their own content via apps that integrate into the MindTap framework seamlessly with Learning Management Systems.

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For more information: www.cengage.com/mindtap

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Aplia keeps students engaged in course material with frequent assignments and active learning opportunities that include randomized, automatically graded questions, exceptional text integration, and detailed explanations to reinforce course concepts. Diverse types of questions, all written by subject instructors, focus on core concepts, data analysis, experimental and observational approaches to research, real-world applications, global problems, and more.

Subjects covered: Economics, Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Biology, Psychology, History, Developmental English and Logic (Philosophy).

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With its engaging learning and assessment tools, CengageNOW supports the entire student workflow, from motivation to mastery. For instructors, CengageNOW provides control and customization with the opportunity to tailor the learning experience to improve outcomes.

CengageNOW subjects covered: Business & Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Maths and Science, Computing

CengageNOWv2 subjects covered: Accounting

For more information visit services.cengage.com/dcs/cengagenow/


Created by teaching chemists, OWL is a powerful online learning system for chemistry. Its unique Mastery Learning approach allows students to practice at their own pace, receive meaningful feedback and access a variety of learning resources to help them master chemistry and achieve better grades.

Subjects covered: Chemistry

For more information visit www.cengage.com/owlv2


Enhanced WebAssign delivers secure online testing, customizable questions from a wide range of maths and science textbooks, and unparalleled customer service. Enhanced WebAssign helps students learn math and science, not just do homework. You get the flexibility to define mastery thresholds and manage student learning aids down to the question level – giving students the support they need when they need it.

Subjects covered: Maths and Physics.

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SAM: Skills Assessment Manager trains, and tests essential Microsoft Office and computer concepts skills. Students engage in a hands-on environment, then apply their skills to real-world applications. SAM’s auto-graded assignments and flexible reporting tools saves instructors time and energy.

Subjects covered: Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, Computer Concepts.

Read our exclusive Cass Business School Case Study or for further information visit www.cengage.com/sam

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Cengage Learning's CourseMate brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook and the textbook-specific website.  CourseMate includes an integrated eBook, interactive teaching and learning tools including quizzes, flashcards, videos, and more, and an EngagementTracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course.

Subjects covered: Business & Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Maths and Science, Computing.

For more information visit http://services.cengage.com/dcs/coursemate/


Ensure your students are prepared for labs with LabSkills - offering interactive, online pre-lab assignments that include videos, interactive modules, quizzing and safety training, allowing you to focus on the experiment itself and be confident that your class have the skills to work safely.

Powered by OWLv2, both the practice and quizzes in LabSkills can be assigned, helping you ensure that your students have mastered what they need to know, before they go into the lab.

Subjects covered: Chemistry

For more information visit www.cengage.com/owl


CogLab 5.0 allows students to participate in classic and current experiments from all areas of cognition via a web browser. Importantly, at the end of each lab, the student can see his/her own results, the means for the class, and the global means of every student who has participated. These results appear with a "debriefing" that explains not only the data, but the implications for cognition.

The original version of CogLab was released in 1999. Since then, a large number of labs have been added, and existing labs have been refined so that they replicate the results reported in the literature. CogLab now has over 50 labs!

Subjects covered: Psychology

For more information visit coglab.cengage.com/info/features


Designed specifically for languages, iLrn™ guides your students through the online learning experience, giving your class richer engagement with the language and more confidence when communicating. With the iLrn Heinle Learning Center students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with practice designed to match their personal needs.

Subjects covered: Spanish, Italian, French, German.

For more information visit: www.cengage.com/ilrn/

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