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Student Voices 2015

Cengage Learning develops solutions that help students worldwide get the most out of their time at University or College.

Listening to students is at the heart of our philosophy. We think this is the only way that we can create products that really engage students and support learning. 

Would you like to become one of our 2015 Student Voices?

What will I be asked to do?

•    Collaborate with us on two market research projects and persuade 30 of your fellow students to complete two short online surveys

•    Attend two half-day group meetings (we will pay for any travel costs)

•    Communicate with us by email and phone and give us frank feedback about student needs

What can I expect to get back in return?

•    A £100 gift voucher for Tesco, iTunes or amazon.co.uk

•    Great real-world experience to put on your CV

•    The chance to make a difference by improving the quality of our e-learning products and helping future students to get more out of their time at university

•    The option to apply for a four-week paid internship in summer 2015

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students in Universities in the UK or Ireland, in their second, third or fourth year of study (not open to first years). We particularly welcome applications from students of business, economics, finance or psychology.

Sounds great. How do I apply?

Click here to complete a very short form and we’ll get in touch soon.

Need more information? Drop amanda.cheung@cengage.com an email for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you! We regret that unsuccessful candidates will not be contacted.

The names 'Tesco', 'iTunes' and 'amazon.co.uk' are trademarks of their respective owners and these companies are in no way linked to the survey.

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