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Economics in a Business Context 3e

ISBN-13: 9781861524003 / ISBN-10: 1861524005

Colin Haslam, Royal Holloway College, London University
Alan Neale, East London Business School, University of East London
Sukhdev Johal, Royal Holloway College, University of London
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2000
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Contextualising business policy in its economic, institutional and political environment, this practical text shows students how to use financial analysis as a strategic tool. The authors employ a value-added accounting framework to describe how modern businesses compete in an international context and highlight the factors that influence company performance. Case examples including Microsoft & Intel; Shell, Brent Spar & Nigerian Oil; the pharmaceuticals sector and pension provision are used in each chapter, to bring together different themes and theories.


  • Demonstrates how to use accounts and financial figures to make strategic decisions and improve businesses
  • Ideal for advanced undergraduate and MBA courses covering strategic analysis and the business environment

1. Markets, Marketing and Cost Recovery.
2. Resource Management and Cost Reduction.
3. Accounting for Profit, Value Added and Cash.
4. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage.
5. Performance Evaluation.
6. The Changing Structural Environment.
7. The Political Environment.
8. The Financial Environment.
9. The International Environment.
10. The Natural Environment.
Colin Haslam
Colin Haslam is Professor of Accounting and Business Strategy and Associate Director of the School of Management at Royal Holloway College, University of London. His research interests employ accounting analysis to investigate the possibilities and limitations and business strategy in the mature advanced economies.

Alan Neale
Alan Neale is Senior Research Fellow at the East London Business School, University of East London. Apart from his research interest in labour market economics and low pay, he is also undertaking work on the nature of sustainable development and its implications for industrial policy.

Sukhdev Johal
Sukhdev Johal is a lecturer in Accounting in the School of Management at Royal Holloway College, University of London. His research interests include developing a value added accounting analysis of macro-economic circuits of production and consumption and a sectorial examination of tertiary education and retailing.