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Tourism and Sex 1e

ISBN-13: 9781855676367 / ISBN-10: 1855676362

Stephen Clift, Canterbury Christchurch University College
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2000
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The significance of travel and tourism in relation to the international epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections has been widely recognized for many years. With the appearance of AIDS/HIV, a new impetus has been given to research in this field and to the consideration of practical preventative initiatives targeting international travellers. Considerable attention has also been given to the impact which international tourism has had on the development of commercial sex industries in different destinations around the world. In particular, serious concerns have been expressed about the role of international tourism in promoting the sexual exploitation of children and young people.

1. Tourism, international travel and sex: themes and research - Simon Carter & Stephen Clift.
2. Sex tourism: paradigms of confusion - Chris Ryan.
3. Tourism and ‘embodied commodities: sex tourism in the Caribbean - Jacqueline Sánchez Taylor.
4. Sex tourism and child prostitution - Julia OConnell Davidson.
5. Combatting tourist sexual exploitation of children - Jayne Hoose, Stephen Clift & Simon Carter.
6. Tourism and commercial sex in Indonesia - Kathleen Ford & Dewa Nyoman Wirawan.
7. The use of commercial sex venues and male escorts by gay tourists in New York City - Michael Luongo.
8. Sex in the tourist city: the development of commercial sex as part of the provision of tourist services - Simon Carter.
9. Sexual risk behaviour in a sample of 5,676 young, unaccompanied travellers - Michael Bloor et al.
10. Studies of sexual risk behaviour among clinic attendees - Graham Hart & Sarah Hawkes.
11. Tourism and the sexual ecology of gay men - Stephen Clift & Simon Forrest.
12. Exploring the contexts and meanings of womens experiences of sexual intercourse on holiday - Michelle Thomas.
13. EscapeEs: What kind of ecstasy are rave holiday-makers seeking? - Furzana Khan et al.
14. Locality, loyalty and identity: experience of travel and marriage among young Punjabi women in Glasgow - Hannah Bradby.
15. Sex and travel: making the links - Paula Black
16. Tourism and sex: critical issues and new directions - Stephen Clift & Simon Carter.
Stephen Clift
Stephen J. Page is lecturer in Tourism and Management at Massey University, and Stephen Clift is lecturer in Health Education at Canterbury Christchurch College of Higher Education.