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Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Computing 1e

ISBN-13: 9781844807499 / ISBN-10: 1844807495

Barry G. Blundell, Middlesex University
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2008
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Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Computing provides a comprehensive treatment of the issues facing computer professionals in today's modern, working environment. It features ethical material and codes of practice, using them throughout the book to highlight issues. Written in an accessible style and aided by numerous activities, it brings the subject matter to life and provides essential coverage for undergraduates or anyone interested in the issues facing computer professionals in an ever-changing world.


  • ’Activities’ will require students to try out aspects of the material which have just been explained, or invite them to consider something which is about to be discussed. A formal answer is provided, in the final section of each chapter
  • ’Review questions’ are located at the end of the chapters, and these invite students to consider whether they have
  • achieved the learning outcomes of the chapter
  • An accompanying website will host powerpoint slides, more activities and exercises and selected solutions

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethics
Chapter 2: Ethical Theories
Chapter 3: Computer hacking
Chapter 4: Computer crime
Chapter 5: Intellectual property rights
Chapter 6: The Internet and content regulation
Chapter 7: Privacy
Chapter 8: Equal access and computer technologies
Chapter 9: Computers in the workplace
Chapter 10: AI and expert systems
Chapter 11 Failed IT projects
Chapter 12: Codes of conduct
Barry G. Blundell