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101 Quick and Easy Ideas Taken from the Master Photographers of the Twentieth Century 1e

ISBN-13: 9781435454361 / ISBN-10: 1435454367

Matthew Bamberg,
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2010

If you've ever found yourself looking at a photograph in a museum or gallery and thinking, "I can do that," this is the book for you. 101 QUICK AND EASY IDEAS TAKEN FROM THE MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY shows you how to recognize and use the techniques of some of the great photographers of the last century. Each chapter of the book focuses on one photographer, and includes a brief biography that highlights what life experiences influenced his or her work, as well as descriptions of one or several iconic images they photographed that include the key photographic elements that apply to that work – light, shadow, narrative, and symbolism. Along with the descriptions are recreations of the images that use similar subject matter and settings, as well as the steps to help you compose and manipulate your own version of the image. As you work through the book you'll find that the same concepts and themes were used by many of the photographers, but the meanings change as their work is shaped as the events, technology, and environment changed throughout the twentieth century. Arranged alphabetically, 101 QUICK AND EASY IDEAS TAKEN FROM THE MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, features photographers you'll easily recognize and some that are new to you, such as Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lang, Robert Mapplethorpe, Berenice Abbott, Heri Cartier-Bresson, and many more. By learning about and trying the common photography concepts and techniques used by famous photographers you'll enhance your photographic skill set and hopefully find inspiration and ideas for your own work.


  • Learn about photography history and classic photographers.
  • Quick and easy reference of master photographers.
  • Images/graphics produced by a professional photographer.
  • Full of inspiring high-quality photo reproductions.

Berenice Abbott.
Ansel Adams.
Robert Adams.
Eugene Atget.
Bill Brandt.
Harry Callahan.
Alvin Langdon Coburn.
Imogen Cunningham.
Robert Doiseneau.
William Eggleston.
Walker Evans.
Lee Friedlander.
John Gutmann.
Lewis Hine.
Andre Kertesz.
William Klein.
Dorothea Lang.
Clarence John Laughlin.
Helen Levitt.
Robert Mapplethorpe.
Ralph Eugene Meatyard.
Lisette Model.
Tina Modotti.
Arnold Newman.
Paul Outerbridge.
Gordon Parks.
Irving Penn.
Alexander Rodchenko.
Cindy Sherman.
Aaron Siskind.
Steven Shore.
Frederick Sommer.
Alfred Stieglitz.
Paul Strand.
Garry Winogrand.
Matthew Bamberg
Matthew Bamberg began his career in the arts as a graduate student at San Francisco State University in 1992. He completed his Master’s in Creative Arts in 1997. His catalog of photographs consists of thousands of images from his travels in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Morocco, Russia, the Baltic states and countries throughout Europe. In 1999, Bamberg began photographing mid-century architecture and signage. His prints began selling locally and, later, all over Southern California. In 2005, Bamberg’s book Digital Art Photography for Dummies was published. In 2008 Bamberg authored many books for Thomson Learning. His book The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco, published in 2008, is still popular today. In 2009, his three books from the series 101 Quick and Easy Photography Secrets were published. In 2010, Bamberg authored New Image Frontiers—Defining the Future of Photography. In 2011, he authored Beginning HDR Photography and Photography Applications for Cloud Computing.