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Advanced Bread and Pastry 1e

ISBN-13: 9781418011697 / ISBN-10: 141801169X

Published by Cengage Learning, ©2009
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Advanced Bread and Pastry, A Professional Approach is a comprehensive guide to bread, viennoiserie, and pastry that is designed for students, professionals, and enthusiasts. Balancing a respect for tradition with modern approaches to method and technique, Advanced Bread and Pastry unites appealing presentation and indispensable instruction. It is written to help today’s baker respond to the recent evolution of ingredients, products, and presentation. The recipes (called formulas) are based on a variety of classica methods and processes. With this strong foundation of knowledge, a baker or pastry chef can develop further skills, experiment with new ideas, and understand any formula.


  • Clear concept and progressive explanation helps readers to better understand the processes
  • Indepth information on both bread and pastry arts allow for an audience with differing interests
  • Modern, and up to date design, with photos of the finished product creates a visually pleasing book that will be enjoyed as well by collectors
  • Reader will appreciate coverage of new trends in flavor and texture in pastry and breads
  • Versatile formula exposes the reader with finished products from around the world

Chapter 1: The History of Baking and Pastry
Chapter 2: Bakery Equipment and Baking Tools
Chapter 3: Bakers Percentages
Chapter 4: Flour and Milling Process
Chapter 5: Water
Chapter 6: Salt
Chapter 7: Yeast
Chapter 8: Baking Process: Basic Steps and Procedures
Chapter 9: Mixing and Mixing Techniques
Chapter 10: Mixing Log
Chapter 11: Calculating Water Temperature
Chapter 12: Fermentation
Chapter 13: Enzyme Charts, Scoring, and Baking
Chapter 14: Pre-Ferments
Chapter 15: Retarding and Temperature Charts
Chapter 16: Basic Doughs
Chapter 17: Yeast Breads
Chapter 18: Rolls, and Breakfast Breads
Chapter 19: Cookies
Chapter 20: Pies
Chapter 21: Quick Breads: Muffins and Others
Chapter 22: Cakes—Bases
Chapter 23: Cake Decorating
Chapter 24: Pastries and Plating
Chapter 25: Frozen Desserts
Chapter 26: Chocolate
Chapter 27: Sugar and Marzipan

"This is the most thorough, well researched, and detailed baking text I have seen. Advanced Bread and Pastry is more comprehensive than any of the competing texts I have reviewed." - Paul V. Krebs, C.C.E., Professor of Culinary Arts and Baking, Schenectady County Community College, Schenectady, New York

"I think that the strength of the authors’ technical knowledge really is evident here." - Christopher S Harris, Pastry Chef/Instructor, South Seattle Community College, Seattle, Washington