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College Accounting, Chapters 1-15 22e

ISBN-13: 9781305666177 / ISBN-10: 1305666178

James A. Heintz, University of Kansas; University of Iowa -- Italy
Robert W. Parry, Indiana University
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2017
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The leading Heintz/Parry's COLLEGE ACCOUNTING, 22E combines a step-by-step approach and excellent examples with an online homework tool that makes accounting understandable, regardless of your accounting background or business experience. Known for its clarity and accompanying technology, this book focuses on the skills needed to transition from the classroom to the workplace.

The book begins with a basic foundation and simple service company examples before advancing to accounting within the more challenging merchandising and manufacturing environments. Engaging learning features reinforce the relevance of skills you're learning and ensure an understandable presentation. To optimize study and help you efficiently complete homework, CengageNOWv2™ provides interactive support, Show Me How Videos, and an adaptive learning path that focuses on areas most challenging to you individually. Plan for success in tomorrow's workplace with COLLEGE ACCOUNTING, 22E.


  • EXCELLENT EXAMPLES, ILLUSTRATIONS, AND INSTRUCTIONS VISUALLY GUIDE STUDENTS THROUGH THE STEPS OF ACCOUNTING. Leading authors Heintz and Parry are well known for providing thorough and relevant explanations; visually engaging, simple examples and figures; and clear step-by-step direction.
  • BOOK REINFORCES ROLE OF ACCOUNTING IN BUSINESS TODAY. Students leave your course with a solid understanding of the role of the accounting equation. Coverage throughout the text consistently reinforces where specific accounts fit to ensure students can apply and see the value of what they''ve learned.
  • LEARNING KEYS REINFORCE BASIC CONTENT. These learning aids and other tools draw attention to fundamental information as it is clearly presented in each chapter.
  • EXCEPTIONAL LEARNING TOOLS CHECK AND REINFORCE STUDENT UNDERSTANDING. Key Points to Remember overview important concepts, while popular Demonstration Problems illustrate problems and solutions using multiple concepts from the chapter. Checkpoint Exercises let solve an exercise at the end of each learning objective and check their answers to ensure they understand the basic concepts before continuing.
  • EXERCISES AND PROBLEMS OFFER VARIETY OF PRACTICE. Exercises emphasize one learning objective, while Problems encompass multiple learning objectives. Mastery Problems focus on numerous chapter learning objects, while Challenge Problems encourage students to apply the concepts learned in the chapter in new and different settings. In addition, Comprehensive Problems let students apply accounting procedures to the processes studied in a series of chapters (Chs. 1-6, 7-15, and 16-19).
  • EXCEL® TEMPLATES HELP STUDENTS SOLVE SELECTED EXERCISES AND PROBLEMS. An Excel® icon in the margin clearly identifies assignments that have corresponding Excel® templates. These templates help students stay on track. Certain cells are coded to display a red asterisk if the student enters an incorrect answer.
  • CENGAGE LEARNING GENERAL LEDGER SOFTWARE (CLGL) INTRODUCES STUDENTS TO THIS PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING TOOL. This software, now included in CengageNOWv2™, CLGL familiarizes students with general ledger software as they use it to complete selected end-of-chapter assignments. Activities are automatically graded and are ideal for homework or tests.

1. Introduction to Accounting.
2. Analyzing Transactions: The Accounting Equation.
3. The Double-Entry Framework.
4. Journalizing and Posting Transactions.
5. Adjusting Entries and the Work Sheet.
6. Financial Statements and the Closing Process.
Comprehensive Problem 1: The Accounting Cycle.
Comprehensive Problem 1: Period 2: The Accounting Cycle.
7. Accounting for Cash.
8. Payroll Accounting: Employee Earnings and Deductions.
9. Payroll Accounting: Employer Taxes and Reports.
10. Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts.
11. Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments.
12. Special Journals.
13. Accounting for Merchandise Inventory.
14. Adjustments and the Work Sheet for a Merchandising Business.
15. Financial Statements and Year-End Accounting for a Merchandising Business.
Comprehensive Problem 2: Accounting Cycle with Subsidiary Ledgers: Part 1.
Comprehensive Problem 2: Accounting Cycle with Subsidiary Ledgers: Part 2.
  • FRESH NEW DESIGN ENHANCES THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Recognized for a visually-driven learning approach, this book continues the proven color coding system that clarifies how accounts are classified. With the color-coding, students easily follow key transactions and see the impact of transactions on the accounting equation.
  • CENGAGENOWV2™ OFFERS A POWERFUL COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND ONLINE HOMEWORK RESOURCE. Discover resources to optimize the student learning experience. Many students perform well on homework but struggle on exams. The new Blank Sheet of Paper Experience prepares students to problem-solve on their own. The Adaptive Study Plan customizes to each student''s unique needs and provides a remediation pathway with Adaptive Feedback that responds to their unique answers. A new Multi-Panel View enables students to see all elements of a problem on one screen to better understand the accounting system.
  • NEW COGNERO® ONLINE TEST BANK OFFERS TIME-SAVING FLEXIBILITY IN TESTING. Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero®, is a flexible online system that allows you to author, edit, and manage Test Bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions. You can create multiple test versions in an instant and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want. Revised to reflect the latest content in this edition, all Cognero® Test Bank questions are tagged according to standards topic, Bloom''s Taxonomy, and difficulty level for your convenience.
  • SHOW ME HOW VIDEOS WALK THROUGH KEY EXAMPLES TO CLARIFY CONCEPTS. The authors clearly present examples that support key learning objectives in a conversational way, as if they were answering questions during an office visit. These videos show students how to solve algorithmic versions of exercises and problems similar to those at the end of chapter.
  • BLUEPRINT PROBLEMS REINFORCE ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS. These longer problems help students practice the problem-solving process. The problems also connect concepts to one another, giving students a more complete picture of the most fundamental accounting concepts. You have the flexibility to use these problems, available in CengageNOWv2™, for homework, exam review, group activities, or as demonstration problems during class.

"I have been teaching accounting out of the The Heinz and Parry textbook for 32 years. I feel it is the best textbook to use as an entry level accounting class in a career college. The theory is introduced effectively and the practical applications are more than adequate."
Jackie Marshall, Ohio Business College

"The book is very well organized, presenting material in a logical and easy-to-understand fashion. I use the working papers for homework, and find that resource a great benefit. The necessary accounting forms match perfectly to the textbook problems which makes homework completion much easier and more straightforward. Students also enjoy having the study guide to prepare for exams."
Melissa Bradley, Montana State University – Gallatin College

James A. Heintz
James A. Heintz currently guides today's students as Professor and Director of Accounting and Information Systems in the School of Business at the University of Kansas, where he has taught for 11 years. Prior to joining University of Kansas, he was the Accounting Department Head at the University of Connecticut for eight years. He also served as Assistant, Associate and Full Professor for 20 years at Indiana University. Professor Heintz earned his doctorate from Washington University in St Louis and is a CPA. He was a Price Waterhouse Faculty Fellow at Indiana, an Arthur Andersen Faculty Fellow at Connecticut, and is currently the Deloitte & Touche Faculty Fellow at Kansas. Professor Heintz has won numerous school and university teaching awards, including three teaching awards from the Doctoral Student Association. He has served in various capacities on 24 doctoral dissertation committees. Heintz has published numerous articles in accounting and business journals, including THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW; AUDITING: A JOURNAL OF PRACTICE AND THEORY; ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS RESEARCH; JOURNAL OF BUSINESS FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING; and INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING EDUCATION AND RESEARCH. He served on the editorial board of AUDITING: A JOURNAL OF PRACTICE AND THEORY for seven years. Professor Heintz has served on various committees of the AAA and the FSA, and as president of the Accounting Programs Leadership Group of the AAA. He has participated in external reviews of accounting programs at 12 major universities.

Robert W. Parry
Dr. Robert Parry is Professor Emeritus of Accounting at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana. An accomplished teacher, Professor Parry has taught accounting at virtually all levels. While earning his MBA, he taught accounting at Bishop Klonowski High School in Pennsylvania. While earning his Ph.D., he taught introductory financial and managerial accounting at Northampton County Community College and Lehigh University. At Indiana, he taught in the undergraduate, MBA, Masters Ph. D. programs. In addition, he has taught accounting in the Consortium of Universities for International Studies in Asolo, Italy. During his 35 years at Indiana University, he won or was nominated for 27 teaching excellence awards, including recognition twice by Business Week as one of the country's Outstanding MBA Faculty. In addition, he was awarded the Indiana University Distinguished Service Award for planning and deploying an integrated MBA Core Program. He also received the Kelley School of Business Innovative Teaching Award for designing and implementing the Master of Science in Accounting Program curriculum. Dr. Parry has conducted research in public finance, governmental accounting, and accounting education. His work has been published in many journals, including Public Finance Quarterly, Public Budgeting and Financial Management, Financial Analysts Journal, Accounting Horizons, Management Accounting, Research in Accounting Regulation, Research in Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting, Issues in Accounting Education, and Journal of Accounting Education. Dr. Parry was lead author on the Service Efforts and Accomplishments research report published by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. He also served on many committees of the American Accounting Association, including President of the Government and Nonprofit Accounting Section.