Discovering Computers 2014 1e

ISBN-13: 9781285161761 / ISBN-10: 1285161769

Misty E. Vermaat, Purdue University Calumet
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2014
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Based on extensive customer feedback, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS ©2014 has been completely reexamined and revised to reflect the evolving needs of the concepts portion of the Introductory Computing course. This exciting new edition maintains many longstanding hallmarks, but is now highly focused on relevancy to provide students only with what they really need to know to be successful digital citizens in college and beyond. To better reflect the importance of certain topics in today's digital world, coverage of enterprise computing, ethics, Internet research skills, mobile computing, operating systems (other than Windows), browsers, security, and Web 2.0 has been expanded and integrated. New critical thinking and problem solving exercises are included in every feature throughout the text, engaging students in regular practice of higher-order thinking skills. In addition, students have more opportunity for hands-on practice with the completely revised end-of-chapter activities. With these enhancements and more, the new DISCOVERING COMPUTERS is an even more engaging teaching and learning tool for your classroom.


  • Restructured to improve student retention of material and promote transference of knowledge, new chapter organization presents concepts students need to know to be successful at home, school, and work in a format that better supports optimal learning.
  • Chapter boxes, marginal elements, and accompanying digital-only content are categorized by theme – Broaden Your Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Currency, and Self-Assessment – to make it easier for faculty and students to utilize these features effectively.
  • Unique, author-developed content – available only in the e-book – expands student knowledge and understanding through links to up-to-the-minute news, third-party websites, videos, animations, interactive figures, and more.
  • End-of-chapter student assignments including Beyond the Book, How To – Your Turn, Problem-Solving, Internet Research, and Test Prep exercises engage students in applying and synthesizing new knowledge.
  • Students who use the accompanying CourseMate website broaden their understanding of concepts through interactive activities, videos, quizzes, and more!

1. Digital Literacy: Introducing a World of Technology.
2. The Internet: Accessing, Searching, Sharing, and Communicating.
3. Computers and Mobile Devices: Evaluating the Possibilities.
4. Programs and Apps: Using Software at Work, School, and Home.
5. Digital Safety and Security: Identifying Threats, Issues, and Defenses.
6. Inside Computers and Mobile Devices: Exploring the Components.
7. Input and Output: Examining Popular Devices.
8. Digital Storage: Preserving on Media and on the Cloud.
9. Operating Systems: Managing, Coordinating, and Monitoring Resources.
10. Communications and Networks: Sending and Receiving Digital Content.
11. Information and Data Management: Organizing, Verifying, Maintaining, and Accessing.
12. Information Systems and Program Development: Designing and Building Solutions.
Appendix - Acronym Reference.
Misty E. Vermaat
Misty E. Vermaat has more than 25 years of experience in the field of computer and information technology. Along with consulting in the field, she was an Associate Professor at Purdue University Calumet, teaching or developing Microsoft Office, computer concepts, database management, systems analysis and design, and programming courses. Since 1990, Misty has led the development of, written, and co-authored numerous textbooks for the Shelly Cashman Series, including many editions of Discovering Computers, Discovering Computers Fundamentals, and Microsoft Word books.