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A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC (with 2 terms (12 months) Printed Access Card) 8e

ISBN-13: 9781133135081 / ISBN-10: 1133135080

Published by Cengage Learning, ©2014
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This step-by-step, highly visual text provides a comprehensive introduction to managing and maintaining computer hardware and software. Written by best-selling author and educator Jean Andrews, A+ GUIDE TO MANAGING AND MAINTAINING YOUR PC closely integrates the CompTIAA+ Exam objectives to prepare you for the 220-801 and 220-802 certification exams. The new Eighth Edition also features extensive updates to reflect current technology, techniques, and industry standards in the dynamic, fast-paced field of PC repair. Each chapter covers both core concepts and advanced topics, organizing material to facilitate practical application and encourage you to learn by doing. Supported by a wide range of supplemental resources to enhance learning—including innovative tools, interactive exercises and activities, and online study guides—this proven text offers an ideal way to prepare you for success as a professional PC repair technician.


  • Special icons and features throughout the text make it easy to identify content covered on the CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 certification exams, allowing students to focus their efforts effectively when reviewing for the exams.
  • Learning tools and special features help students master the material, including Applying Concepts, Key Terms, Reviewing the Basics, Thinking Critically, Hands-On Projects, and Real Problems, Real Solutions.
  • A unique A+ Table of Contents allows students to quickly identify topics relevant to the CompTIA A+ exams and determine where those topics are covered within the text.
  • An extensive collection of supplemental resources enhance teaching and learning. Highlights include innovative instructional and course management tools, interactive activities and study guides, and online material for reinforcement and enrichment.

1. First Look at Computer Parts and Tools.
2. Working Inside a Computer.
3. Introducing Windows Operating Systems.
4. All About Motherboards.
5. Supporting Processors and Upgrading Memory.
6. Supporting Hard Drives.
7. Installing Windows.
8. Supporting I/O and Storage Devices.
9. Satisfying Customer Needs.
10. Maintaining Windows.
11. Optimizing Windows.
12. Troubleshooting Windows and Applications.
13. Troubleshooting Hardware Problems.
14. Troubleshooting Windows Startup Problems.
15. Connecting to and Setting up a Network.
16. Networking Types, Devices, and Cabling.
17. Windows Resources on a Network.
18. Security Strategies.
19. Supporting Notebooks.
20. Mobile Devices and Client-Side Virtualization.
21. Supporting Printers.
Appendix A: History of Operating Systems.
Appendix B: Windows Vista.
Appendix C: Windows XP.
Appendix D: Creating a Standard Image.
Appendix E: Keystroke Shortcuts in Windows.
Appendix F: CompTIA A+ Acronyms.
  • Hardware and software coverage aligned to CompTIA A+ certification exam.
  • Extensive updates to reflect the new organization and content of the CompTIA A+ certification exams, helping students to prepare for success on the 220-801 and 220-802 exams.
  • Covers essential topics and techniques related to both PC hardware and software, including hardware component identification and installation, networking devices, cables and connectors, laptop hardware and features, printer types and components, operational procedures (including maintenance), customer service, operating systems, mobile devices, security, and troubleshooting.
  • Chapters have been reordered and reorganized to better reflect the needs and knowledge of today''s students. Within each chapter, topics are organized to support progressive, hands-on learning; practical projects are integrated throughout; and material not relevant to current exam standards has been removed or minimized.
  • Photos, screen shots, and illustrations have been updated throughout the text to reflect current operating systems and interfaces, making it easier for students to connect chapter material to the software and hardware they will encounter in their professional careers.
  • Features coverage of new topics for the 220-801 exam, such as CPU sockets, CPU virtualization support, wireless device connections, custom configured systems, key protocols, SOHO routers, cellular network and WiMAX connections, network topologies, print servers and imaging processes, and security practices to prevent prohibited content or activity.
  • Includes topics new for the 220-802 exam, such as Microsoft® Windows® 7, installing an OS, PXE, remote network installations, local security policy, component services, tablet PC settings, cellular network connections, network card properties, client-side virtualization, mobile operating systems, network connectivity, configuring email, mobile security, synchronizing data, and troubleshooting theory and applications.