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Management 11e

ISBN-13: 9781111969721 / ISBN-10: 1111969728

Principles and Practices, International Edition
Ricky W. Griffin, Texas A&M University
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2013

Gain a solid understanding of management and the power of innovation in the workplace with Griffin's MANAGEMENT: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES, 11E, International Edition. This dynamic book, known for its cutting edge research and memorable examples, takes a functional approach to the process of management with a focus on active planning, leading, organizing and controlling. This book's reader-friendly approach examines today's emerging management topics, from the impact of technology and importance of a green business environment to ethical challenges and the need to adapt in changing times.
Using a proven successful balance of theory and practice, the author interweaves numerous new and popular cases and learning features as well as hundreds of well-researched examples to vividly demonstrate the importance of strong management to any type of organization.


  • REVISED AND NEW BUILDING SKILLS EXERCISES HELP STUDENTS APPLY WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED. Help future managers learn how to handle critical situations. These useful exercises in each chapter offer insights into approaching various management situations most effectively. Students improve targeted skills, such as conceptual, diagnostic, decision-making, time-management, and technical abilities.
  • WELL-ORGANIZED, INVITING APPROACH IS ORGANIZED AROUND FUNCTIONS OF BUSINESS. Help your students strengthen their management skills and better understand the power of innovation in today''s workplace with this book''s effective balance of theory and practice.
  • HUNDREDS OF WELL-RESEARCHED EXAMPLES BRING CONCEPTS TO LIFE. This edition draws memorable examples from a wide variety of popular establishments, from large organizations to unique small businesses.

1. Managing and the Manager's Job.
2. Traditional and Contemporary Issues and Challenges.
3. The Environment and Culture of Organizations.
4. The Ethical and Social Environment.
5. The Global Environment.
6. The Multicultural Environment.
7. Basic Elements of Planning and Decision Making.
8. Managing Strategy and Strategic Planning.
9. Managing Decision Making and Problem Solving.
10. Managing New Venture Formation and Entrepreneurship.
11. Basic Elements of Control.
12. Managing Operations, Quality, and Productivity.
13. Managing Information and Information Technology.
14. Basic Elements of Organizing.
15. Managing Organization Design.
16. Managing Organization Change and Innovation.
17. Managing Human Resources in Organizations.
18. Basic Elements Of Individual Behavior in Organizations.
19. Managing Employee Motivation and Performance.
20. Managing Leadership and Influence Processes.
21. Managing Interpersonal Relations and Communication.
22. Managing Work Groups and Teams.
  • CENGAGENOW FOR MANAGEMENT GIVES YOU MORE CONTROL IN LESS TIME AND DELIVERS BETTER STUDENT OUTCOMES. This online course management system includes book-specific resources and numerous multimedia tools for students. Flexible assignments, automatic grading and an exportable grade book with reports save you time. The Personalized Study Plan diagnostic tool empowers students to master concepts, prepare for exams, and become more involved in class. An integrated eBook provides flexibility in price. CengageNOW can be integrated with a variety of Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard.
  • NEW "MANAGEMENT IN ACTION" OPENING CASES SET THE STAGE FOR CHAPTER CONCEPTS THAT FOLLOW. Dynamic cases highlight large companies, such as Wegmans, as well as small companies, such as Bigfoot Entertainment. Cases also explore student-friendly, intriguing companies, such as Snopes.com. Corresponding end-of-chapter "You Make the Call" exercises ask students to reconsider the opening case and make a judgment based on the concepts they''ve learned.
  • NEW "MANAGEMENT AT WORK" CLOSING CASES EFFECTIVELY CONCLUDE EACH CHAPTER. These captivating cases challenge students to apply chapter concepts to actual management situations. These new cases cover a range of topics from airline alliances and managing air traffic controllers to the Carbon Mitigation Initiative and more.
  • NEW "A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE" BOXES HIGHLIGHT CHANGES COMPANIES ARE MAKING IN THE FACE OF CHANGING TIMES. Students gain first-hand insights into how effective companies are adapting to today''s challenges. Feature boxes examine development assistance, stress among outsources, and advantages or disadvantages to diversifying the board of directors.
  • NEW "ETHICALLY SPEAKING" BOXES EXAMINE PRESSING ETHICAL ISSUES IN TODAY''S WORKPLACE. These helpful features highlight ethics challenges facing management in the current work environment and address issues such as workplace bullying and drug use.
  • NEW "GREENING THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT" BOXES ADDRESS SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS. With the importance of green issues in business today, these new feature boxes address topics of growing importance. Students study issues, such as changing the climate of global aid and the U.S. Government''s stance on C02 regulation.
  • "THE MORE THINGS CHANGE" BOXES PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO DEALING WITH CHANGE IN THE WORKPLACE. Students gain a better understanding of how to handle change in business today as they examine how organizations have handled real challenges, such as United Airlines'' pension fund default, evidence-based management, the recent Wisconsin anti-labor law issues, and whistle blowing.
  • NEW "TECHNICALLY SPEAKING" BOXES HIGHLIGHT RECENT TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES IMPACTING BUSINESS. Students carefully examine the technological issues and challenges facing companies today. They review technology at work in diverse business situations, including online misinformation, technology''s impact on Cirque de Soleil, and the advent of remote surgeries.
Ricky W. Griffin
Ricky W. Griffin serves as Distinguished Professor of Management and Blocker Chair in Business at Texas A&M. He received his Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of Houston. He served as editor of the Journal of Management and as an officer in the Southwest Regional Division of the Academy of Management, the Southern Management Association, and the Research Methods Division and the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Griffin spent three years on the faculty at the University of Missouri (Columbia) before moving to Texas A&M University in 1981. His research interests include workplace violence, employee health and well-being in the workplace, and workplace culture. A well-respected author recognized for his organizational behavior and management research, Dr. Griffin has written many successful textbooks, including: Management, Organizational Behavior, HR, Management Skills, Introduction to Business, and International Business.