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Moral Issues in Business 12e

ISBN-13: 9781111837426 / ISBN-10: 1111837422

William H. Shaw, San Jose State University
Vincent Barry, Bakersfield College, Emeritus
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2013
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This twelfth edition of MORAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS guides students in thinking deeply about important moral issues that frequently arise in business situations and helps them develop the reasoning and analytical skills to resolve those issues. Combining insightful and accessible textbook chapters by the authors, cases that highlight the real-world importance of key ethical concepts, and reading selections from the most influential voices in contemporary ethical debates, this book provides a comprehensive, flexible, and pedagogically proven course of study exploring the intersections of commerce and ethics. William H. Shaw and Vincent Barry offer a uniquely thorough and practical guide to help students understand the nature of morality, individual integrity and responsibility, economic justice, concepts of capitalism, and the role of corporations in our society (including their responsibilities to consumers and to the environment), and the real-life moral issues that arise in the workplace.


  • Each chapter includes a conceptual and contextual overview of the relevant topic(s), a selection of provocative real-life cases, and several readings of particular importance. In total, the text features 49 case studies and 32 readings. This gives instructors flexibility to choose relevant material that will bring concepts to life for their students.
  • The text provides thorough and balanced treatment of both ethical theory and applied issues, guiding students to develop an understanding of key concepts while honing practical approaches to ethical situations they are likely to encounter in the business world.
  • Discussion questions for every reading help students identify and consider the most salient issues as they read, review, or prepare for exams.
  • Further readings, suggested at the end of each chapter, encourage research beyond the text and allow students easily to explore topics of particular interest in greater depth.

1. The Nature of Morality.
2. Normative Theories of Ethics.
3. Justice and Economic Distribution.
4. The Nature of Capitalism.
5. Corporations.
6. Consumers.
7. The Environment.
8. The Workplace (1): Basic Issues.
9. The Workplace (2): Today's Challenges.
10. Moral Choices Facing Employees.
11. Job Discrimination.
  • The "Study Corner" feature contains a new section of questions for reflection and discussion, intended to help students articulate their own response to some of the issues discussed in the text.
  • Inclusion of new case studies (seven in total) covering a breadth of topics including mortgage holders in danger of loan default, CDOs, caffeinated alcoholic beverages, parental leave, and more.
  • Three new readings have been added, including "Globalization and Its Discontents" by Herman E. Daly, "A Debate on the Social Responsibility of Business" by John Mackey, Milton Friedman, and T. J. Rogers, and "Analyzing Insider Trading from the Perspective of Utilitarianism and Rights Theory" by Robert W. McGee.
  • The new engaging four-color design, in concert with new visuals, figures, charts, photos, and graphs, helps readers navigate the text more easily, and review and prepare for tests more successfully.
  • Existing examples, figures, and readings have been revised for greater clarity.

"Moral Issues in Business, by Shaw and Barry, is a comprehensive, student-friendly introduction to the topics and ethical theories of business."
Timothy Davis, The Community College of Baltimore C

"The text is intriguing, current, and challenges the student intellect to a level that will allow great classroom interaction."
Joseph Adamo, Cazenovia College

"This is my recommended book for anyone teaching an introductory Business Ethics text."
Mojgan Taheri, California State University, Northridge

William H. Shaw
The author and editor of numerous books and articles in the areas of ethics and social and political philosophy, William H. Shaw obtained a Ph.D. in political philosophy from the London School of Economics and teaches philosophy at San Jose State University, where he served as chair of the department for eleven years. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Hong Kong, and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He has two other books with Cengage Learning, SOCIAL AND PERSONAL ETHICS and (with Vincent Barry) BUSINESS ETHICS.

Vincent Barry
Vincent Barry is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Bakersfield College, having taught there for thirty-four years as well as being a highly successful philosophy textbook author.