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M&B 2 (with CourseMate Printed Access Card) 2e

ISBN-13: 9781111823351 / ISBN-10: 1111823359

Dean Croushore, University of Richmond
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2012
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Created through an extensive "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with more than 150 students and faculty, M&B, 2E offers an engaging, accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today’s learners at a value-based price.

M&B, 2E’s brief, focused approach reads more like a business periodical than a text. The book’s thoroughly updated coverage addresses the modern framework of today’s financial system in which both financial markets and banks play important roles. Numerous real business applications and an inviting writing style, infused with the latest financial examples, relate current money and banking topics to your students’ everyday lives and careers. You’ll find the most recent financial figures, memorable full-color photos, and access to Cengage South-Western’s Global Economic Watch to help captivate your students.

A full suite of interactive learning resources for your students and time-saving teaching support, including downloadable flash cards, interactive workshops, learning games and more help you connect your students to the latest developments in money and banking today for long-term personal and career success.


  • THOROUGH UPDATES REFLECT THE LATEST CHANGES IN TODAY’S ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. This fully updated new edition reflects today’s current economic environment. Complete data and the most recent figures present the latest money and banking financial information and updates.
  • SHORTER, COMPREHENSIVE CHAPTERS COMMUNICATE CONCEPTS IN A MODERN DESIGN: M&B, 2E uses an engaging and accessible format to deliver money and banking content without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • CHAPTER-IN-REVIEW CARDS AT THE BACK OF THE STUDENT EDITIONS PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH A PORTABLE STUDY TOOL: Chapter-in-Review Cards contain all of the pertinent information students need for effective class preparation.
  • INSTRUCTOR PREP CARDS MAKE CLASS PREPARATION SIMPLE: Detachable Instructor Prep Cards for each chapter, conveniently located in the back of the Instructor’s Edition, offer a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint® and video resources, additional examples, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently.
  • A FULL SUITE OF UNIQUE LEARNING TOOLS APPEAL TO DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES: Online study tools are available to students with the purchase of a new book. Multimedia resources include downloadable flash cards, interactive workshops and online quizzing, and learning games and more, only a click away at http://www.4ltrpress.cengage.com/M&B. In addition, students can instantly access the latest up-to-the-minute economic developments with Cengage South-Western’s online Global Economic Watch.
  • CONTENT AND RESOURCES PROVIDE A SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE THAT IS SECOND TO NONE. This edition provides all of the content and resources you expect with a supplement package that includes PowerPoint® slides, an Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, and ExamView™.
  • THE LATEST FINANCIAL COVERAGE REFLECTS TODAY’S MOST RECENT FINANCIAL CLIMATE: Updated content throughout this edition provides insights into the most recent financial developments and changes. The book’s online Global Economic Watch (updated 4 times each day) further keeps your course abreast of the latest developments.
  • "DATA BANK" AND "POLICY INSIDER" PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO ACTUAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES: Engaging "Data Bank" features explore how data collection affects real-world businesses, institutions, and investors. "Policy Insider" boxes provide first-hand insights as these features highlight the author’s personal experience with policy decisions at the Federal level.
  • "APPLICATION TO EVERYDAY LIFE" SECTIONS AND "POLICY ISSUES" RELATE CONCEPTS TO TODAY’S LIFE: Examples within the book’s "Application to Everyday Life" help students connect concepts in the text to their personal experiences, while chapter-ending "Policy Issues" highlight key policy decisions that relate to the chapter content.

1. Money and the Financial System.
2. The Financial System and the Economy.
3. Money and Payments.
4. Present Value.
5. The Structure of Interest Rates.
6. Real Interest Rates.
7. Stocks and Other Assets.
8. How Banks Work.
9. Government’s Role in Banking.
10. Economics Growth and Business Cycles.
11. Modeling Money.
12. The Aggregate-Demand/Aggregate-Supply Model.
13. Modern Macroeconomic Models.
14. Economic Interdependence.
15. The Federal Reserve System.
16. Monetary Control.
17. Monetary Policy: Goals and Tradeoffs.
18. Rules for Monetary Policy.
AN INNOVATIVE COMBINATION OF CONTENT IN PRINT AND ONLINE PROVIDES A WEALTH OF COMPREHENSIVE MULTIMEDIA TEACHING AND LEARNING ASSETS: Based on input from student focus groups and surveys, and from interviews with more than 150 faculty and students, this magazine-style core text and wealth of integrated multimedia teaching and learning resources produce an engaging and accessible solution that appeals to different learning styles at a value-based price.
Dean Croushore
Dean Croushore is Professor of Economics and Rigsby Fellow at the University of Richmond. Prior to moving to the University of Richmond in 2003, he served for 14 years as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. As vice president and economist at the Philadelphia Fed, his duties included heading the macroeconomics group, briefing the bank’s president and board of directors on the state of the economy and providing advice for administering two national surveys of forecasters and researching current issues in monetary policy. Dr. Croushore received his A.B. from Ohio University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Dr. Croushore’s research in recent years has focused on forecasting and how data revisions affect monetary policy, forecasting and macroeconomics research. His publications include articles in many leading economics journals. He serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.