Management Fundamentals 5e

ISBN-13: 9781111577537 / ISBN-10: 1111577536

Concepts, Applications, Skill Development, International Edition
Robert N. Lussier, Springfield College
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2012
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Using a three-pronged approach of concepts, applications, and skill development, MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS: CONCEPTS, APPLICATIONS, SKILL DEVELOPMENT, International Edition gives students a solid foundation of management concepts and skills they can use in the workplace. Through a variety of thought-provoking applications, Lussier challenges students to think critically and apply concepts to their own experiences. Proven skill-building exercises, behavioral models, self-assessments, and group exercises throughout the text help students realize their managerial potential. The 14-chapter format is comprehensive enough for a one-term course, yet flexible enough to allow for additional readings, activities, or discussions.


  • Ideas on Management chapter-opening vignettes are used in each chapter. They examine a company that is familiar to students, such as the Gap clothing store, and link this company to the chapter topic. Throughout the chapter, the opening vignette is revisited, further linking the chapter material to a well-known company.
  • Learning Outcomes: At the beginning of each chapter, conceptual priorities—stated as learning outcomes—are highlighted. Later, as chapters unfold, learning outcomes are repeated so that students are aware of the pedagogical support underlying each outcome, ensuring that they stay connected to the chapter''s core concepts.
  • Skill-Builder Exercises: True to the text''s drill-and-practice approach, these end-of-chapter skill-building exercises provide hands-on experiments in the practice and application of management skills. Students work through the exercises on their own, but options for in-class debriefing and group work are provided in the accompanying Instructor''s Manual.
  • Video Cases provide students with another relevant link from the chapter topic and material to a popular movie, as well as to real-life companies.
  • Applying the Concept Boxes: Several short multiple-choice exercises appear in each chapter to gauge student understanding of key concepts as they continue their reading.
  • Work Applications: A unique self-study tool, these short applications ask students to take a quick inventory of their experiences and relate them to managerial roles, resources, functions, and decisions.
  • In-Text Self-Assessments: These student-centered and practice-oriented assessments are designed to reinforce the students'' growing management skills and insight.
  • Join the Discussion Ethics and Social Responsibility Boxes: Every chapter includes boxed essays on issues of ethics and social responsibility.
  • Objective Cases: A short real-world case is included in every chapter to test students'' analytic and problem-solving skills. A range of application questions—multiple choice, true-false, short essay—concludes each case and ensures that case issues are thoroughly explored.

1. Management and Entrepreneurship.
Appendix A: A Brief History of Management.
2. The Global Environment: Culture, Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability.
3. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making.
4. Strategic and Operational Planning.
Appendix B: Time Management.
5. Organizing and Delegating Work.
6. Managing Change: Innovation and Diversity.
7. Human Resources Management.
Appendix C: Career Management and Networking.
8. Organizational Behavior: Power, Politics, Conflict, and Stress.
9. Leading with Influence.
10. Communicating and Information Technology.
Appendix D: Written Communication.
11. Motivating for High Performance.
12. Team Leadership.
13. Control Systems: Financial and Human.
14. Operations, Quality, and Productivity.
  • Updated Ideas on Management opening vignettes are included (four are new; the rest have been revised to include up-to-date information and topics).
  • Added margin notes throughout the chapters show where answers to Review Questions and Communication Skills questions are discussed in the chapter.
  • New video case options are provided: BixFlix and On the Job.
Robert N. Lussier
Robert N. Lussier is Professor of Management at Springfield College. Having taught management for more than 25 years, he has developed innovative and widely copied methods for applying concepts and developing skills that can be used personally and professionally. A prolific writer, Dr. Lussier has more than 350 publications to his credit, including other best selling textbooks (such as Management Fundaments: Concepts, Applications, Skill Development, also by South-Western/Cengage) and articles published in Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Business Horizons, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Small Business Management, Family Business Review, and Journal of Small Business Strategy and many others. He served as founding director of Israel Programs and taught courses in Israel. His international experience also stretches to Namibia and South Africa. He holds a bachelor of science in business administration from Salem State College, master's degrees in education and business administration from Suffolk University, and a doctorate in management from the University of New Haven.