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Integrating Religion and Spirituality into Counseling 1e

ISBN-13: 9780534530938 / ISBN-10: 0534530931

A Comprehensive Approach
Marsha Wiggins Frame, University of Colorado, Denver
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2003
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This text is intended to help counselors and other mental health practitioners make informed and effective interventions with clients for whom religion and spirituality are significant concerns. It is comprehensive, providing information on religious systems and spiritual beliefs as well as clinical strategies and interventions. Throughout the text, the author weaves the theme in of understanding how the counselor's own worldview and values impact working with clients and offers activities and cases for exploring this further.


  • Provides information on religious systems and spiritual beliefs, introducing students to various belief systems.
  • Presents valuable clinical guidelines, assessments and strategies throughout the text to help students gain a firm grasp on how to work with clients in the religious and spiritual realm. These clinical strategies draw from an assortment of theoretical orientations in counseling and psychology.
  • A prevailing theme throughout the text is how counselors'' own worldviews, beliefs and values enter into the therapeutic process. Throughout the text, cases and strategies are presented and readers are asked to contemplate their own struggles and convictions, and to consider how these issues impact their work with clients.
  • Utilizes case examples throughout the text to help illustrate concepts and topics discussed in the chapter.
  • Includes suggested activities that allow students to explore in more depth issues and practice implications brought up in the text in every chapter.
  • Offers supplementary readings at the end of each chapter, which provide students with the option of expanding their knowledge of a particular topic area.
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1. Spirituality and Religion in Counseling.
2. Models of Religious and Spiritual Development.
3. Varieties of Religious Systems and Spiritual Beliefs.
4. Assessing Religious and Spiritual Beliefs and Values.
5. The Intersection of Religion, Spirituality, Ethnicity and Culture.
6. Implicit Strategies for Working with Clients'' Religious and Spiritual Issues.
7. Explicit Religious and Spiritual Strategies in the Service of Counseling.
8. Using Religious and Spiritual Strategies in Couple and Family Counseling.
9. Religious and Spiritual Applications to Special Groups.
10. Ethical Considerations.

"This author has a gift for writing both from a personal and professional perspective. The writing is clear and easy to follow; the chapters flow easily into the case illustrations and suggested activities. She integrates culture, family, special population issues into her themes; advocating the generalizability of the inclusion of these constructs in a wide range of counseling services."
Professor Joshua M. Gold, University of South Carolina

"I find the writing style of this book very comfortable in a way that maintains interest. I was also very comfortable with the flow and the transitions from topic to topic, and was impressed by the high level of detail."
Professor Virginia Kelly, SUNY Plattsburgh

"The author writes in a manner that is professional, appealing and at a pace that typically holds the reader’s attention. This text is packed with accurate and recent information that reflects the author’s diligence in considering the essentials for such a text."
Professor John Barletta, Australian Catholic University

"This is an extremely valuable text for all mental health practitioners involved with counseling, who are aware they need to address the growing necessity and demand for catering to the spiritual and religious dimensions of clients."
Professor John Barletta, Australian Catholic University

"How would I describe the text to a colleague: thorough, helpful learning activities and case examples, monumental!"
Professor Mary A. Fukuyama, University of Florida

"This book is a valuable resource for mental health professionals and trainees. This book examines the role of spirituality as it relates to ethnicity and culture, and to women, gay men, lesbians and bisexuals. I applaud its comprehensiveness for cultural diversity and individual differences."
Professor Highlen, The Ohio State University

Marsha Wiggins Frame
Marsha Wiggins Frame is currently Chair for the division of Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education at the University of Colorado at Denver. Over the years, she has taught courses such as Foundations of Guidance, Counseling and Personnel Services, Human Sexuality, Spiritual Issues in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Practicum, Internship, and Ethics and Legal Issues. She has won awards from her profession and university for excellence in teaching.