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Economics in the Movies (with Access Card) 1e

ISBN-13: 9780324302615 / ISBN-10: 0324302614

G. Dirk Mateer, Pennsylvania State University
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2006
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This collection of twenty film scenes highlights many important economic principles, theories, and concepts. Specially designed as a student workbook to accompany any South-Western principles of economics textbook, it will help students learn core economic ideas through popular film. This format addresses the trend of the ’edutainment’ approach to teaching that many instructors believe is necessary to keep students interested. South-Western is a part of Cengage Learning.


  • Film and scene descriptions for each topic: A brief synopsis helps professor?s plan and choose which films to use.
  • A list of questions and issues to think about for each scene: Professors do not have to come up with their own questions. They are provided.
  • A list of concepts or examples for each scene: This helps with student retention.
  • A brief introduction: provides a short overview of economics in film.

1. Opportunity Cost: The Family Man.
2. Gains from Exchange: Out of Sight.
3. The Great Depression: Seabiscuit.
4. Growth & Prosperity: The Man Who Wasnt There.
5. Money as a Medium of Exchange: Waterworld.
6. Unemployment: Reality Bites.
7. Inflation: The Major and the Minor.
8. Banking System: Its a Wonderful Life.
9. Measuring Economic Performance: Traffic.
10. Comparative Advantage: Babe.
11. Intertemporal Time Management: About a Boy.
12. Consumer Choice: The Meaning of Life.
13. Monopoly: Being John Malkovich.
14. Asymmetric Information: Intolerable Cruelty.
15. Efficiency: Along Came Polly.
16. Game Theory: In the Name of the Father.
17. Unions: Bread & Roses.
18. Income: Parenthood.
19. Environmental Economics: Erin Brockovich.
20. Auctions: The River.
G. Dirk Mateer
Dirk Mateer has been teaching college economics for 17 years and he is currently a Senior Lecturer and the Director of the Undergraduate Studies Program in Economics at Penn State University where he regularly teaches large principles sections. He is the author of Economics in the Movies (South-Western, 2005). He uses a variety of methods (film clips, music videos, songs, demonstrations, group work, and other active learning processes) to stimulate students to think about economics. As a result, Dr. Mateer’s teaching efforts have been recognized by his students, colleagues and nationally on more than twenty occasions. He was the winner of the inaugural Economic Communicator Contest sponsored by the Association of Private Enterprise Education and the Market-Based Management Institute. Prior to joining Penn State he taught high school mathematics and science for two years and then worked at Goucher College (MD) and Grove City College (PA).