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Foundations of Mathematical And Computational Economics 1e

ISBN-13: 9780324235838 / ISBN-10: 0324235836

Kamran Dadkhah, Northeastern University
Published by Cengage Learning, ©2007
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FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTATION ECONOMICS is a book for 21st century economics students. It contains the new developments in economics and mathematics and it speaks to the needs of present day economists. It combines intuitive understanding of mathematics with rigorous exposition. This book books prepares the economic students for understanding the use of mathematics in economics and econometrics, teaches them computation and computational economics, and it gives them an appreciation of mathematics.


  • Each subject starts with a discussion of the connections between mathematical models and techniques, and the applications to economics and econometrics. In addition, each topic is illustrated with a large number of examples chosen from all areas of economics and economentrics. Readers will also find exercises at the end of each section.
  • Each subject is introduced at three different levels. Readers will develop an intuitive understanding of the subject, a practical understanding of when and how to use the method, and a firm mathematical understanding. The material in the book, and in each chapter, is also organized in such a way as to give maximum flexibility to instructors and students who may want to skip advanced material or rearrange the order in which material is presented in their classes.
  • This text emphasizes the use of computers for analytical purposes and computation. The reader will learn the necessary tools to tackle computational problems, while the problems will help the reader to internalize the mathematical logic of concepts and techniques discussed.

1. Mathematics, Computation, and Economics.
2. Basic Mathematical Concepts and Methods.
3. Basic Concepts and Methods of Probability Theory and Computation.
4. Vectors and Matrices.
5. Advanced Topics in Matrix Algebra.
6. Differentiation: Functions of One Variable.
7. Differentiation: Functions of Several Variables.
8. The Taylor Series and Its Applications.
9. Static Optimization.
10. Constrained Optimization.
11. Integration.
12. Dynamic Optimization.
13. Differential Equations.
14. Difference Equations.
15. Dynamic Systems.
Kamran Dadkhah
Kamran M. Dadkhah is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Northeastern University, Boston, where his areas of interest are mathematical economics, econometrics, international economics, and economics of oil. He holds an MA and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from Indiana University, and an MS degree in Mathematics from Northeastern University. He has published in The Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Political Economy, International Journal of Middle East Studies, Applied Economics, Middle Eastern Studies, European Journal of Operational Research, Decision Sciences, Empirical Economics, and Mathematical and Computer Modeling.