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Cengage Learning: A company that delivers highly-customized learning solutions for universities, instructors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations, and professionals.

Cengage Learning publishes educational textbooks and digital learning solutions that are highly popular in education institutions across the world. Students, instructors, professionals and researchers have come to rely on Cengage Learning’s highly customisable learning products – a range of resources, applications and services that our competitors find hard to match.

Educational Textbooks

Every Subject and Vocation
Cengage Learning publishes educational textbooks under the venerable brands of Brooks/Cole, Course Technology, Delmar, Heinle, South-Western, and Wadsworth. Our reputation for providing educational textbooks and digital resources in every field of academic endeavour is known among students, academics and professionals globally. Easily searchable, our catalogue of educational textbooks covers every subject and vocation you might need. Whether you are looking for student textbooks on Business and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computing or specific vocations, you can rely on Cengage Learning to find an extensive, constantly updated and popular range of educational tools and textbooks.

CengageBrain.com: An Online Store For Your Textbooks, Electronic Textbooks and More
If you are looking to buy textbooks, e textbooks or e chapters, visit our CengageBrain.com online store now! We aim to make finding the student textbook you require as effortless as possible, priding ourselves on offering all the latest editions as soon as they become available, and always discounted. Discover why many thousands of students and academics choose Cengage Learning and CengageBrain.com for their university textbooks each year.

University Books

And Much More

At Cengage Learning we realise that academic books are only one aspect of the learning process, which is why we have developed a range of additional resources, both free to view and premium, to accompany many of our academic textbooks – from resource centres, to case studies, from quiz banks to presentation resources for lecturers. By harnessing our digital and editorial experience, we complement our range of student books in print and connect learning in the classroom.

Student Textbooks

Online Learning Solutions
Cengage Learning is dedicated to improving students' learning by increasing their effort and engagement. Many of our student textbooks are paired with additional resources that help make the educational process as effective and rewarding as possible. Our core digital solutions, Aplia, CengageNow, OWL and SAM go beyond the textbook, to offer instructors a wealth of quizzes, homework and assignments that are automatically graded, with detailed explanations to support students’ understanding and mastery of the subjects.

Our digital learning solutions save instructors valuable time on grading while giving students an easy way to stay on top of coursework with regularly scheduled assignments. All assignments have been developed for a range of our university textbooks and are easily customized for individual teaching schedules. Students can find their required textbooks quickly and easily with Cengage Learning’s advanced online search facility. Lists of prescribed academic books can be fulfilled with the minimum fuss, and with the peace of mind that if the education textbooks you require are in print – it’s almost certain you’ll find them here. Many of our student learning solutions also include additional resources that help make the educational process as effective and rewarding as possible.